📍Your Homeschool to College Roadmap is Here.

Whether you're a new homeschooler or a seasoned homeschooler, you know how tricky it can be to navigate high school and college admissions.

What is your role?

How do you keep track of it all?

Why does your transcript template (and other documents) matter to colleges?

Here at Fearless Homeschoolers, we take it one step at a time. I'll take the overwhelm out so you can put the Fearless in.

Join me. I'll show you the way.

Begin Homeschool High School Transcript Template with Fearless Homeschoolers

Your First Step: 8th & 9th Grades

Begin Your Story.

This is the time to...

✓ Understand your role as counselor

✓ Plan your homeschool high school

✓ Start organizing your homeschool records.

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Create Homeschool High School Transcript with Fearless Homeschoolers

Second Step: 9th & 10th Grades

Own Your Story.

This is the time to...

✓ Create your Homeschool Transcript

✓ Create your Course Descriptions

✓ Personalize your teen's high school

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Share Homeschool Transcript Template with Fearless Homeschoolers

Final Step: Junior & Senior Years

Share Your Story.

This is the time to...

✓ Create the Homeschool Transcript, Course Descriptions, School Profile, & Counselor Letter

✓ Understand how to navigate the Common App as homeschool counselor

✓ Share your teen's story throughout the college application

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What They're Saying About the Toolkits

Even though I had most of the letter written already, your examples, the information you presented and the outlines helped me to refine my letter and pull it together.  I was really happy to see the video on downloading it to the common app as well. Thanks so much!

Just wanted to let you know that I did fill in my transcript for the first year! It looks great, and it was easy to manipulate and use.

My oldest is in 8th grade, so I'm trying to get my mind around how to navigate preparing him well for college applications in a few years. This resource is perfect and gives me a great framework for the upcoming years. Thank you!

I have gotten so much out of the counselor letter toolkit. It has been a huge help. I was overwhelmed and now I am not!

Hi, I'm Lisa of Fearless Homeschoolers

I believe your path through high school and college admissions should be a clear and meaningful one.

You shouldn’t be left in the dark just because you’re a homeschooler.

So I decided to create that path. Step by step and customized for YOUR kid.

The templates and planners in my shop were designed after helping hundreds of homeschoolers get into college.

As a professional college admissions consultant, I know what colleges are looking for.

And I believe you should know that, too!

My mission is to help you stay Fearless. Just the way you’re teaching your kids to be.

Start Your Transcript!

Why You Can Trust in My Templates. And Me.

  • Veteran Homeschooler

    I've launched 5 of my homeschooled kids into college! I know the responsibility you feel.

  • Professional College Admissions Consultant

    I'm a proud member of IECA & I've helped hundreds of homeschoolers apply to college.

  • Respected in the Industry

    I wrote the homeschool chapter in College Essay Guy's new book, College Admission Essentials!