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What are colleges looking for in your Homeschool Counselor Letter?

Suddenly, your homeschool transcript sounds easy, doesn't it? 

I mean, how do you even begin writing a letter of recommendation for your own teen? How do you strike the perfect balance between professional and personal when writing it?

I've seen hundreds of counselor letters written by homeschool parents like you. I know how to get you started and make that counselor letter compelling.

Why Your Counselor Letter Matters

  • It adds valuable insight into your teen that no one else can.
  • It's a chance to highlight things that weren't covered in other parts of the application.
  • It's a chance to show colleges what your teen will contribute to their classrooms and community.

Why You’ll Love the Counselor Letter Toolkit

  • Step-by-step instructions for writing and formatting your letter so you’ll feel confident that you are submitting a professional-sounding letter.
  • Fillable planners with prompts to help you brainstorm.
  • Suggested power phrases to jump-start your ideas when you are feeling stuck.
  • Your teen’s strengths are used as a guide.
  • Expert advice about what colleges are looking for, and on what to include (and what NOT to include) in your letter.

What You Get

  • FAQs explaining the what, why, and how behind a strong counselor letter
  • Samples, Outlines, and Templates for traditional format
  • Samples, Outlines, and Templates for bullet format
  • Checklist to ensure you don’t miss a thing
  • Video tutorial (and written instructions) showing you how to upload in your Common App Counselor Account

Who It’s For

Any homeschooler with a student in 11th-12th grade.


    Do I need a Google Docs account?

    Yes. In fact, make sure you’re logged into your (free) Google Docs or Google Drive account before you “make a copy” of your template, planner, or toolkit.


     Can I use this as a PDF or Word Doc?

    Yes! Within Google Docs, select “File”, then “Download”. Choose PDF or Microsoft Word. 


    Download Info

    This 37 page homeschool toolkit is a Google Doc. You will receive a link to make a copy of the Google Doc. Make sure you're signed into your Google Drive account first!

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    Are the templates customizable?

    Absolutely! Google Docs allows you to easily make changes. Customize colors, change fonts, delete rows & columns. Personalize with the name of your homeschool & the name of your homeschooler, and your contact info. 

    Does this include tech tutorials?

    Indeed. I show you how to use your template and how to upload your document to the Common app, if applicable.

    Is Google Docs free?

    Yes! Create your free account & enjoy using it for more than just your homeschool to college journey!

    Can I use this as a PDF or Word Doc?

    Yes! Within Google Docs, select “File” and then “Download”. Then, choose a PDF or Microsoft Word document. 

    My homeschooler has a unique story. Will this work for us?

    You bet. My templates were designed with this flexibility. I know you don’t fit in a box. Nor should your homeschool documents. Google Docs makes this easy! Do reach out if you have customizing questions. I’m happy to give you ideas!

    Can I share this with my friends or my co-op?

    No. If buying an individual family license, do not copy, share, sell, or redistribute any purchased products from my shop.

    Can my school, co-op, or group get a license for multiple students?

    Yes! Under "License Options," select the number of students in your group by using the dropdown. The license, which will arrive in the same email as your product access, is:

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    What’s your refund policy?

    Due to the digital nature and immediate access you receive to Fearless Homeschoolers courses, templates, planners, & toolkits, all sales are final.

    I take your investment seriously, so reach out to me with your specific questions about the product before making a purchase at

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      Customer Reviews

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      Thank you. This was very useful.

      So helpful!

      This toolkit was such a great way to get started on my counselor letter. After 11 years of homeschooling my child, it was hard to know how to wrap all of it up into a concise letter. This had great tips, examples, layout assistance, and explanation on the purpose of the letter... everything I needed to get me going.

      C. Reed
      Step-by-Step Guide

      This toolkit helped so much with writing a great counselor letter for my homeschooler. I had seen other examples, but this helped step me through each section, not be too wordy, and had great tips included.