Who are these templates for? 

  • New Homeschoolers
  • Seasoned Homeschoolers
  • Organized families
  • Not so organized families
  • Parents of middle schoolers
  • Parents of high schoolers
  • Those applying to summer programs
  • Those applying for Dual Enrollment
  • Homeschoolers applying to selective schools
  • Homeschoolers applying to less selective schools
  • Teens who took all of their classes at home
  • Teens who took all their classes outside of the home
  • Teens who homeschooled all four years
  • Teens who homeschooled only for a bit

Do I need a Google Docs account?

Yes. In fact, make sure you’re logged into your Google Docs or Google Drive account before you “make a copy” of your template or planner or toolkit.

Can I use this as a PDF or Word Doc?

Yes! Within Google Docs, select “File”, then “Download”. Choose PDF or Microsoft Word. 

My homeschooler has a unique story. Will this work for us?

You bet. My templates were designed with this flexibility. I know you don’t fit in a box. Nor should your homeschool documents. Google Docs makes this easy! Do reach out if you have customizing questions. I’m happy to give you ideas!

Why Google Docs?

I chose Google Docs for two reasons. One, it’s free & easily accessible. Two, you can use Google Docs & Google Drive to organize everything you need for high school & college applications. Think essays, lab reports, progress reports. Everything, including your homeschool documents, can be used within this simple, yet elegant system.

Is Google Docs free?

Yes! Create your free account & enjoy using it for more than just your homeschool to college journey!

Does this include tech tutorials?

Indeed. Not only do I show you how to use your template, I show you how to upload your document to the Common app if applicable.

Are the templates customizable?

Absolutely! Google Docs allows you to easily make changes. Customize colors, change fonts, delete rows & columns. Personalize with the name of your homeschool, the name of your homeschooler’s name & contact info. 

Can I share these templates with my friends or my co-op?

No. Do not copy, share, sell, or redistribute any purchased products from my shop. If you are interested in using a product for multiple clients, please contact me about a limited-use commercial license.

What’s your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature and immediate access you receive to Fearless Homeschoolers templates, planners, & toolkits, all sales are final.

I take your investment seriously, so reach out to me with your specific questions about the product before making a purchase at lisa@fearlesshomeschoolers.com