Homeschool to College: Record Keeper & Planner
Homeschool to College: Record Keeper & Planner
Homeschool to College: Record Keeper & Planner
Homeschool to College: Record Keeper & Planner
Homeschool to College: Record Keeper & Planner

Homeschool to College: Record Keeper & Planner

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Updated with more high school tips + more streamlined formatting! Now a Google Doc!

Overwhelmed with the idea of homeschooling high school? Is the thought of keeping track of homeschool credits, grades, and GPA sending your head spinning? 

Everyone tells you that you should start keeping homeschool records early, but no one tells you how. 

I thought it was about time you knew!

If your homeschooler is in 8th, 9th or 10th grade, I created this planner and record keeper as Step #1 on your Fearless Homeschoolers Journey to College.

There are plenty of homeschool planners out there, but not one that prepares you for college applications.

Until now.

This 5-year homeschool high school planner is a Google Doc!

  • This record-keeper will keep you on track from 8th-12th grades
  • Includes every single thing you need for an amazing high school transcript & college application.
Now you won't have to...
  • Spend 30+ frantic hours creating college application documents from scratch.
  • Scramble for bits and pieces of info from previous years.
  • Shake off that nagging feeling that you're missing something.

This 109-page Google Doc Includes the Following Pages:
  • How to use your planner
  • Understanding your role as high school counselor
  • The roadmap to college
  • Planning a college prep high school
  • Credit, grading, and GPA
  • Your grading policy
  • Creating your homeschool documents
  • Remembering your state requirements
  • Mapping out the 4-year journey
  • Testing
  • Summer Programs
  • Personal reading list
  • Special page for Junior Year considerations
And These Record-Keeping Pages for Each Grade (8th-12th):
    • Courses and Grades: Chart for that year's courses, grades, rigor, credits, testing, GPA
    • Course descriptions: Template for descriptions; designated space for instructor name, course grade, relevant test score, methods of evaluation, & materials used (10 pages for each year; can be duplicated if needed)
    • Outside providers: Template for brief bio of outside instructors/programs (2 pages, 6 bios; can be duplicated if needed)
    • Activities List: Chart for extracurriculars & the impact your homeschooler has had; Perfect for college application activities list!!
    • Your Story: Journal-type entries for you to reflect & remember your homeschooler and their stories from that year.

    Who is this for? 

    • New Homeschoolers
    • Seasoned Homeschoolers
    • Organized families
    • Not so organized families
    • Parents of middle schoolers
    • Parents of early high schoolers
    • Those applying to summer programs
    • Those applying for Dual Enrollment
    • Homeschoolers applying to selective schools
    • Homeschoolers applying to less selective schools
    • Teens who took all of their classes at home
    • Teens who took all their classes outside of the home
    • Teens who homeschooled all four years of high school
    • Teens who also went to public or private school during high school

    Do I need a Google Docs account?

    Yes. In fact, make sure you’re logged into your (free) Google Docs or Google Drive account before you “make a copy” of your template or planner or toolkit.

    Why Google Docs?

    I chose Google Docs for two reasons. One, it’s free & easily accessible.

    Two, you can use Google Docs & Google Drive to organize everything you need for high school & college applications. Think essays, lab reports, progress reports. Everything, including your homeschool documents, can be used within this simple, yet elegant system.

    Can I use this as a PDF or Word Doc?

    Yes! Within Google Docs, select “File”, then “Download”. Choose PDF or Microsoft Word. 

    Have More Questions?

    👉 👉   Click on the FAQ Tab at the top of the listing!

    Download Info


    This 109-page homeschool planner & record keeper is a Google Doc. You will receive a link to make a copy of the Google Doc. Make sure you're signed into your Google Drive account first!

    • Your product will be available to access once payment is confirmed; it will also be emailed to you.
    • Within this Google Document, you also have the ability to print & download as a PDF or Microsoft Word Doc.

    All of my products are instant downloadable/accessible digital products; no physical items are shipped.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!


    Do not share, copy, resell, or redistribute Fearless Homeschoolers PDFs and/or Google Docs. My products are for personal use only and can be printed multiple times for a single user. 

    All photos, designs, content, and writing in this listing are the property of Fearless Homeschoolers LLC ©2022. Plagiarism is not welcome and will not be tolerated.

    Since this listing is delivered via instant download/instant access, no refund can be issued.




    How is this different than your toolkits?

    The Record Keeper is best to buy at the beginning of your high school journey when trying to plan & make sense of how to keep track of it all. By the time junior/senior year rolls around, you'll be able to use your records to create thorough & professional homeschool documents.

    My toolkits, on the other hand, include samples, templates, & the strategy behind making certain decisions for your homeschooler when creating those documents for college applications.

    Are templates included?

    Other than a (table format) course description template, this record keeper does not include templates. 

    If I have a middle schooler or early high schooler, do I need more than this?

    Not really! Although the Transcript Template & Course Descriptions Toolkit would be great additions. With those, you'll have additional templates & samples. You can use those templates & update each year. Your Record Keeper would still be used to document things you'll need later: school profile, counselor letter, activities list.

    I have a junior. Do I need this?

    Nope. At this point, you need the Toolkits to create your documents!

    Is Google Docs free?

    Yes! Create your free account & enjoy using it for more than just your homeschool to college journey!

    Can I use this as a PDF or Word Doc?

    Yes! Within Google Docs, select “File”, then “Download”. Choose PDF or Microsoft Word document. 

     Can I share this with my friends or my co-op?

    No. Do not copy, share, sell, or redistribute any purchased products from my shop. If you are interested in using a product for multiple clients, please contact me about a limited-use commercial license.

    Can I use this for my other children?

    Absolutely. Your purchase is free for personal use only and can be used multiple times for a single-family. Enjoy!

    What’s your refund policy?

    Due to the digital nature and immediate access you receive to Fearless Homeschoolers templates, planners, & toolkits, all sales are final.

    I take your investment seriously, so reach out to me with your specific questions about the product before making a purchase at